Gyan Johari

Gyan Johari

Contact Information

Phone: (905)525-9140 ext. 24941
Office: BSB-B107

Professor Emeritus, Materials Science and Engineering

M.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.S. (Canada), D.Hons.Causa (Lyon), Sc.D. (h.c.Dublin)

Research Areas Include:

  • Calorimetric, dielectric, mechanical and ultrasonic behaviour of glasses, and other amorphous solids, polymers, shape-memory metals, interstitial-free steel; cryo-preservation and protein-water interactions. Techniques for studying materials. Microwave and high frequency dielectric materials. Materials Science of Pharmaceuticals.

Current Research Projects:

  • Dielectric properties of ceramics, glasses, and polymers from sub-audio to microwave frequencies.
  • The processing of thermoset polymers, and the effects of physical ageing on their characteristics.
  • Materials Science of Pharmaceuticals.
  • C and N determination in "interstitials free" steel by internal friction and the effects of strain ageing.
  • Deformation of shape-memory alloys.
  • Protein-water interactions and cryo-preservation.
  • Mechanical relaxation and damping in materials.
  • Effect of elastic strain energy on phase transformations.