J. David Embury


Contact Information


Professor Materials Science and Engineering

B.Sc. (Manchester), Ph.D. (Cambridge), F.R.S.C., P.Eng.

Research Areas Include:

Deformation and fracture of metallic and composite materials, applications of electron microscopy to materials science, processing of metal matrix composites. Ultra high strength materials, multilayer structures.

Current Activities

Fabrication of microscale components with laminates of order 5 n.m spacing and the determination of flow mechanisms and phase transitions in these materials.

Study of yielding in strong materials (intermetallics and ceramics) using microindentation and electron microscopes.

Pressure dependent flow and fracture in a variety of materials including metals, metal matrix composites and intermetallic composites. Modelling using detailed micromechanical models and processing methods.

Brittle fracture and its dependence on stress state and local chemistry. The experimental work involves mechanical testing, analytical electron microscopy and surface analysis, and is currently being applied to low C sheet steels.

Formability of Al alloys and multiphase steels.